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China Passenger Elevator supplier

China Passenger Elevator supplier

FJ-07 Passenger Elevator

Car wall: Hairline St. St. + Gold etching

Ceiling: Hairline St. St. + Acrylic +LED lighting

Handrail: Hairline St. St. flat Handrail

Floor: PVC

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China Passenger Elevator supplier - Fuji passenger elevator


About China Passenger Elevator supplier


Features of Fuji passenger elevator:


1. Safe and reliable


Fuji passenger elevator puts safety first place to ensure each passenger's safe delivery to destination.


2. Space configurability


From the view of space-saving, the Fuji passenger elevator makes a new layout of the machine room, improving the space availability.


3. Energy-saving and environment friendly


Fuji passenger elevator adopts a gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine to save energy and protect the environment.


4. High performance


Fuji passenger elevator is equipped with a stability control system with a maximum capacity of 1600kg. An


intelligent lift dispatching system provides the best solution for customer riding.


5. Free custom-made


Customers can choose their favorite and customized appearance for their own elevators from aspects of car finish, design, ceiling, and floor materials.


Fuji China Passenger Elevator supplier


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