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PVC Floor Stable Observation Elevator

FJ - 22 PVC пол стабильный наблюдать лифт

фуцзянь - 22

верх (& A);крышка пуговицы: жареная листовая сталь

стенка кабины: безопасное стекло + линия между волосами.

потолок: зеркальная нержавеющая сталь + акрил + светодиодный свет

перила: перила Святого круга

пол: pvc

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лифт - Лифт Фудзи, китай


  While you enjoying the scenery in observation elevator,


  In other's eyes,


  It is also a picture of scenery.


    China observation Elevator manufacturer


  Observation elevator Manufacturers Shaoxing Fuji observation elevator applies highly secure laminated glass with good transparency. The passengers can appreciate beautiful scenes in busy city through transparent cabin wall. Lamination layer in laminated glass has rediation-proof functions. It buffers sound wave vibration. Therefore it has sound-isolatingeffects. Large area cabin wall glass design has smooth lines. It beautifies car outline. Besides, it adds more charm to the buildings.


        Fuji observation Elevator


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