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Why are MRL elevators favored by many families?

PUBLISH TIME: 2021-04-19

  In the home elevator market, MRL elevators have won the favor of many families. The following is a specific introduction to the reasons for the popularity of MRL elevators.


  1. Mature technology


  MRL elevators have been developed for more than 100 years and currently have mature technology. The MRL elevators sold on the market are the fifth-generation traction type machine-roomless household elevators, which can be installed in high-rise residential buildings or in villas. There are no restrictions on the floors, and it takes up less space.


  2. Market share


  MRL elevators have a very high market share, with a share of over 99%. Other types of elevators are far lower than MRL elevators.


  3. Cost of use


  The daily cost of using MRL elevators is very low, and the power consumption of the machine is equivalent to a refrigerator, which only costs a few cents a day.


Why are MRL elevators favored by many families


  4. Service life


  The service life of MRL elevators is relatively long, which can reach a hundred years. Under normal circumstances, the service life of this type of elevator can reach more than 50 years.


  In summary, the analyzed reasons for the popularity of MRL elevators in the market. In addition to the advantages described above, the owners can also customize them according to their own needs.


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16 Apr, 2021


The primary problem of MRL elevators is how to arrange key components such as the car, counterweight, main engine, control cabinet, and speed limiter in the general elevator shaft without a machine room. If the machine room is cancelled and the cross-sectional area of ?

15 Apr, 2021


The features of MRL elevators are as follows:1. The main engine, drive cabinet and control cabinet of MRL elevators are installed on the upper part of the hoistway, and no special machine room is required. Compared with traditional elevators, it has great advantages in appearance.

15 Apr, 2021


What are the main components of MRL elevators?

15 Apr, 2021


MRL elevators refer to elevators that do not require a building to provide a closed dedicated machine room for installing elevator drive hosts, control cabinets, speed limiters and other equipment. MRL elevators is not a simple partial improvement of the traditional elevators in the past, but a major change in elevator technology. 



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