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What are Passenger Elevator

PUBLISH TIME: 2021-12-17

About Fuji passenger elevator:


What are Passenger Elevator?


There are many types of Passenger Elevator, including Passenger Elevator, villa elevator, freight elevator, car elevator, medical elevator, passenger and freight elevator, escalator, moving walk, etc.

Passenger Elevator

How to use Passenger Elevator:


1. When taking the Passenger Elevator, you must first determine whether you are going upstairs or going downstairs. The corresponding arrow will be pressed on the Passenger Elevator control panel.


2. After Passenger Elevator arrives on the floor, let the people inside first come out, then go in, go down first, then go up, to avoid crowding.


3. After the passengers enter the Passenger Elevator, they can press the "door close button" on the operation panel to close the Passenger Elevator door in the Passenger Elevator; press the floor they want to go to, then wait for the Passenger Elevator to run, and leave after arriving.


Elevators are classified by purpose:


Passenger elevators, elevators specially designed for transporting passengers, require complete safety facilities and certain internal decorations.


Freight elevators are mainly used to transport goods and are usually accompanied by people.


The hospital elevator is an elevator used to transport hospital beds, stretchers and medical carts. The car is long and narrow.


The sundries elevator is specially designed for libraries, office buildings, restaurants, etc., used to transport books, documents, food, etc.


Sightseeing elevator, the car wall is transparent, it is an elevator for passengers to see.


Car-mounted elevators are used as elevators for loading and transporting vehicles.


Ship lifts, lifts used on ships.


Building construction elevators, building construction and maintenance elevators.


Which manufacturer of the MRL passenger elevator is better?


Fuji Elevator is one of the leading MRL passenger elevator manufacturers and MR home lift suppliers. We have our own production workshop and design team. If you cooperate with us, we can provide you with first-hand prices.


Welcome to choose Fuji Elevator - one of the leading MRL passenger elevator manufacturers and MR home lift suppliers.

10 Sep, 2021


What type of passenger elevator is cheaper to purchase and install? Nowadays, in many fields, when purchasing products, cost is the main focus. Passenger elevators are frequently used equipment and have a great impact on people.

18 Sep, 2021


How to choose the manufacturer of MRL cargo elevator? As an auxiliary tool for high-rise buildings to transport goods, MRL cargo elevator is widely used in many high-rise buildings. With its existence, it will be very convenient for us to transport larger mass and bulky items. 

26 Sep, 2021


What are the performance characteristics of the MRL machine room-less passenger elevator? There are many users who like machine room-less passenger elevators. The reason why users like MRL passenger elevators is that they have their own performance characteristics in the process. So what are the characteristics of this MRL passenger elevator without machine room? 



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