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Is it better to install elevators in old buildings with MR or MRL?

PUBLISH TIME: 2021-04-21

  Installing elevators in old buildings is a hot topic in society. In addition to the cost, location, and state subsidies of installing elevators, many users want to know which type is better for small computer rooms and machine-less rooms. Let's take a look now.


  Traditional elevators are mainly based on small machine rooms and are relatively well laid out. Therefore, the elevator shafts of newly-renovated buildings are almost always set up according to small machine rooms. However, the retrofitting of old buildings is almost always done outdoors. There are limitations in location size and height of the hoistway. There are small elevator machine rooms and MRL elevators installed.


  MRL elevators transfer the control cabinet, traction machine, speed limiter, etc. originally placed in the small machine room to the side, rear or directly above the hoistway, thereby eliminating the traditional machine room, which is of greater significance when the height of the building top is restricted. Without the prominent computer room, the appearance is relatively good-looking.


Is it better to install elevators in old buildings with MR or MRL


  But MRL elevators are precisely because many components also bring some shortcomings in the hoistway, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:


  1. Because the main engine and others occupy the position requirements inside the hoistway, the internal size of the hoistway is relatively larger than that of the small machine room when the size of the car is the same. The height of the hoistway saves the height but the plane occupies the size, so the cost is not less than that of the small machine room.


  2. The noise generated by the machine room that cannot be isolated from the brakes and fans is removed, and they can only be gathered in the hoistway. Therefore, the noise of the machine room is obviously larger than that of the machine room.


  3. The resonance generated by the rigid connection of the MRL elevators will be transmitted to the guide rail and the car, and the comfort is not as good as the elevator with a machine room.


  4. The heat generated by the main engine of MRL elevators is concentrated in the hoistway. If there is no better cooling measure in the hot season, the operation effect of the main engine and the control cabinet will be affected. The high temperature effect of the heat absorption of the fully transparent sightseeing elevator elevator components is greater.


  5. Since the main engine is in the shaft, maintenance and repair of MRL elevators are not as convenient as a small machine room, and a safety window must be set up.


  6. The equipment cost and installation cost of MRL elevators are relatively higher than that of a small machine room.


  7. MRL elevators must be equipped with high-power emergency power supplies for power outage rescue, which requires a lot of investment. However, small machine room elevators can rescue passengers through manual cranking and are relatively easy to control.


  8. MRL elevators have higher requirements for the strength of the fixed ring beam of the main engine, so it is not as good as a small machine room for elevators with larger lifting heights, faster speeds and larger loads.


  Based on the above analysis, the installation of elevators in old buildings are all installed outdoors. Generally, the hoistway plane size is relatively limited and the height limit is small. The editor thinks that MR elevators should be the priority option.

19 Apr, 2021


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16 Apr, 2021


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19 Apr, 2021


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