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How to classify Escalator

PUBLISH TIME: 2022-01-07

About Fuji passenger elevator:


How to classify Escalator


Classified by Escalator armrest decoration


1. Fully transparent Escalator: refers to the Escalator made of transparent glass for the handrail guard. According to the shape of the glass, it can be further divided into curved glass type and flat glass type.


2. Opaque Escalator: refers to the Escalator made of opaque metal or other materials for the handrail guard. Because the handrail bracket is fixed on the upper part of the wall guard, and the handrail moves cyclically on the rail of the handrail bracket, the stability of the opaque type is better than that of the fully transparent type. It is mainly used for Escalator with large crowds such as subways, stations, docks, etc.


3. Translucent Escalator: Refers to the armrest guard siding is translucent, such as the handrail guard siding made of translucent glass.


As far as handrail decoration is concerned, the fully transparent glass wall panel has a certain strength, and its thickness should not be less than 6mm. In addition, the fully transparent glass wall panel has a better decorative effect, so the wall panel is made of flat transparent glass Escalator Accounted for the vast majority.


Classified by step drive mode


1. Chain type: refers to the Escalator whose component driving the step is a chain.


2. Rack-and-pinion type: refers to the Escalator in which the component driving the step is a rack.


Because of the simple chain drive structure and low manufacturing cost, most Escalator adopts the chain drive structure.


Classified by lifting height


1. Small lifting height Escalator: lifting height 3~10m;


2. Escalator with medium lifting height: lifting height 10~45m;


3. Escalator with large lifting height: lifting height 45~65m.


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There are many types of Passenger Elevator, including Passenger Elevator, villa elevator, freight elevator, car elevator, medical elevator, passenger and freight elevator, escalator, moving walk, etc.



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