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Features of passenger elevators

PUBLISH TIME: 2021-03-31

  Features of passenger elevators

  FUJI small machine room elevators in Asia, leading the elevator industry, have always been inclined to small machine room equipment configuration. Small machine room passenger elevators not only meet the needs of passengers, but also can be used for freight. They are suitable for general offices, hotels, apartment buildings, even skyscrapers, and FUJI small machine rooms. The passenger elevators is also driven by an advanced energy-saving gearless permanent magnet machine to ensure the safety and reliability of operation, reduce noise, and provide more outstanding performance.


Features of passenger elevators




  1. Safety and reliability

  Asia FUJI passenger elevators puts the safety of passengers first. The elevator network has been integrated into the Internet platform, and all elevator information can be inquired, maintained and managed.


  2. Reduce costs

  At present, most elevator manufacturers generally use braking energy, and energy is consumed in resistance. FUJI elevator drive system adopts regenerative braking unit, and the energy of the elevator running in four quadrants can be fed back to the grid, thus bringing 50% of the energy -Compared with ordinary AC elevators, it can save 20%, which greatly reduces the operating cost of elevators.


  3. Environmental protection

  FUJI passenger elevators uses the latest permanent magnet gearless instead of the traditional turbine worm tractor, which realizes the miniaturization, light weight and small size of the tractor, eliminates the mechanical consumption between the gears, and meets the environmental requirements of oil-free, maintenance-free, and minimum noise. The smallest computer room.


  4. High-tech

  FUJI passenger elevators adopts VVVF technology and also uses IGBT, which is the most advanced transistor in the world, which greatly reduces the noise of the motor and prolongs the service life of the motor.


  5. Free customization

  Customers can choose their favorite and customized appearance for their passenger elevators from all aspects of surface finish, design, ceiling and floor materials.


31 Mar, 2021


Special elevators mainly include inclined elevators, elevators for three-dimensional parking lots, construction elevators, fire elevators, cold storage elevators, mine elevators, special elevators, slide elevators, machine elevators, door crane elevators, and stairlifts. Take the fire elevator as an example, the fire elevator has a front room.



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